Thursday 7 June 2018

5 ways to support your favourite blogger

Inside - 5 quick things you can do to show bloggers how much you love their work.

Blogging can be a bit of a heart-on-sleeve experience, especially when you share personal stories.

Posts can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to write (but those 3000 word missives take even longer), sourcing images and turning them into Pinterest eye candy can take even longer, and then we need to share it in all the places so as many people as possible can see it.

With all that time and effort put in, how can you best support your favourite bloggers? These five simple things don't require much of your time, and mean the world to all bloggers.

Leave them a comment 

I am terribly guilty of not leaving comments. It's easier to say I'll do it later and just repin an article than it is to leave a comment, but engagement from community is the biggest feedback you can give a blogger.

But it can't be a lame "great read, thanks" comment, it needs to be really sincere, and show the blogger that you actually took the time to read their post. Relate what you've read to something in your life, if you can, and talk to the blogger like a friend. You never know who's day you might make when they read your comment, and you'll build a great relationship with someone else, even if it is only through the computer.

Sign up for their newsletter 

Lots of bloggers have newsletters these days. It's said in the blogging world that your email list is the only real thing of value to a blogger, and keeping in touch with people strengthens the community.

But you can't just sign up for their free thing, then delete yourself from the list. Hang around and go through the welcome series. Open each email and get a feel for their style, is it the same as their post style? Click links when they include them, those numbers give bloggers warm fuzzy feelings that people care about what they include in their newsletters.

Buy their things 

Lots of bloggers are trying to build an income to contribute to their household budget. It could be because they really hate working shift hours, or being away from kids, or simply that they're the only breadwinner and want to do it on their own. Whatever the reason, they've put their heart and soul into creating a thing that they think you'll love, and hope you'll buy.

But don't go into debt to support them. If you can't afford it, there's still plenty of other ways you can help your favourite blogger.

Share them with other people 

If you related to a blogger's post, it would mean the world to them if you shared it. Whether it's via social media, or emailing the link to someone, or pinning to a favourites board or even including them in a roundup on your own blog, by sharing a blogger's work you're exposing more people to them, and maybe they'll get page views from others reading, or have a semi-viral post on Facebook that garners new followers.

But don't copy and paste a blogger's work and pass it off as your own in any medium. This is a breach of copyright laws, and leaves bloggers with a shit feeling when they have to issue DMCA notices.

Follow them on social media 

Whichever platform you like best, chances are your favourite blogger has a place you can find them. While every blogger tells themselves the numbers don't matter, they do matter a little bit, because it means that people are seeing them. 

And when you see them, bloggers are more likely to keep doing what they love to do, and you'll have more great content to read and love and share.

How do you support your favourite bloggers?
Did I forget anything?


  1. Well said! If you've read a blog post and enjoyed it, it doesn't take much time to leave a comment and let the writer know. I guess we're all guilty of reading something quickly and fully intending to return when you have more time (I know I am!) but we should make the effort to remember to do it!

  2. If I'm on a blog, and reading, I make sure to leave a comment (when I can get the form to work!). Supporting bloggers and what they are building is so important to having people keep doing what it is that you love them doing. Otherwise, they just assume (and I've been here) that really no one cares and what's the point?

  3. I know I really appreciate comments on my blog. Or even just on facebook/instagram. It really helps to get an interaction going because that's what I'm after. Some sort of conversation to actually happen


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