Monday 3 September 2018

Hello Monday

Inside - Hello Monday is a semi-regular series that embraces Monday by sharing the goals ideas and plans for the week ahead.

hello Christmas Planner! You knew I'd mention it, didn't you? I'm so excited to have finally sent this out into the world! And proud of myself that even when the mindshit threatened to drown me, I didn't quit. So, it's out there now, now I need to market it! I've set a goal to sell ten this month. Doesn't seem like a big goal, but it actually feels like a stretch goal right now. Who knows, once people get over the pushback that Christmas is too far away, I might sell heaps! [visit the planner over here]

hello Spring. Spring and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate the hayfever, and bees, that come with Spring, but I love the slightly warmer weather, the abundance of jacaranda in our back yard, and all the other flowers that raise their heads.

hello Christmas ideas. Along with the planner release, I'm planning a whole bunch of supporting posts on the blog. That means it's time to dig out all the random Christmas ideas, and try some out for size, so I can actually share them with the world. So far, I'm focusing on using the planner, and baking. What else would you like to know?

hello marketing plan. I've recently realised that the thing that holds me back most from growing my blog is my inability to market it. But if I want to sell something, I need to get better at marketing. Sort of a Catch-22 that I'm still trying to resolve.

hello floordrobe sorting. Last week Steve sorted out our bedroom. He swept up rubbish, vacuumed dust away, and waded through piles of too-small clothing. When he put it all back together, he switched locations on Sophie's and my clothing, and I can't find a thing! I need to sort through it all again, and put it in it's right spot on the bed (because nothing actually makes it into the wardrobe or drawers)

hello recipe inventing. My two favourite things to bake are muffins and cookies. Which is perfect for our various size family. But we often end up in a cookie slump when the kids have had enough of fruit-based muffins. So it's time to put thinking caps on, and find some new recipes to try.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Can't wait to see the new recipes you try for cookies and muffins!

    SSG xxx

  2. Ugh I have a chest at the end of the bed where all my clean clothes go, and the clothes that are worn but still too clean for the wash and ones that I may get another wear out of. Eventually the pile gets sorted and start again. I've had the worst hay fever this year ever, and that was during winter! Hope Spring doesn't make it worse.
    Good on you for getting your planner out there!

  3. I am complete crap at marketing so I can't help but can commiserate....

  4. Ohhhh loving the planner! It's never too early to be organised!

  5. That is terrific news that you have the planner out there. Congratulations!

    Thanks for linking up this week for #lifethisweek Next week's optional prompt is Travel Tips. Denyse


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