Sunday 20 December 2009

Dear Santa

{at our 2008 Christmas party}

Dear Santa

I wrote a letter to you last year, and promised to write again, but I'm not sure if my mushy-baby-brain-ness will let me actually think of something to write to you about! Last year I asked for family harmony... if you weren't listening then, please can you listen now - we're only one week into the school holidays, and the children only stop bickering when they're asleep!

I also asked for my baby girl to come home, but she's moving even further away. I guess there isn't much I can do about that at this stage of the game - she isn't happy being in our house any more, and now that dad has split from his partner, she's worried about leaving him lonely. All I can do is remind her about how much I love her (and how much everyone else here loves her, too)

I know this is a strange request, but please can I have a garlic crusher. Every second day I come across a recipe that needs crushed garlic in it, and I'm finding that the ever-faithful jar of already-crushed garlic in the fridge just isn't imparting enough garlic-ness into my dishes. I'm even thinking of learning how to grow my own garlic, so I can have just the right amount of garlic-ness!

I'd also like a tiered cake cooling rack, I never seem to have enough space on one rack when I get all excited and baking (that's when the cookies last for long enough, which isn't often these days)... a tiered cooling rack would utilise my minimal bench space so much better, and I'd get all excited about baking again!

I'd like the dish fairy to visit my house occasionally. I'm still not fond of washing dishes, and sometimes I'm a little annoyed at my own insistence that saucepans and plastic containers don't go in the dish washer, cause no one else seems to know where the plug lives! Just the occasional visit, maybe two or three times a year would really help.

Look forward to seeing what you bring me (and the rest of the family) on Thursday night!


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  1. Cate ~ Nice list of wishes you have here! Here's hoping you get everything that you have requested. I'm sorry that your girl is moving further away...that's got to be really hard on Mom! :o(

    If the dish fairy does make it to your house, tell her I'm wishing for her as well!!! ;o)

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

    ~ Deb

    PS: I mailed a card to you last week but not sure how long it will take to travel from Arizona, USA to Autrailia! I'm sorry that it will be late, but it is in route...


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