Sunday 28 February 2010

look how they've grown!

A bit over a year ago, I decided to take individual photos of Chloe, Douglas and Natalie to use as my blog banner.


I wanted to show how they changed each month, especially in a year of change for our family.
 I missed March, probably because I was busy investigating how clean our toilet bowl was during the month. {I love this Easter photo, look out for an updated version this year!}


Already you can see how much they have grown. Natalie is starting to develop her personality, Chloe gets more grown up each time we see her, Douglas just plods along in the world, leaving a small mark.
A group photo didn't work very well for the dimensions of a blog banner. But photos taken outside look the best.

I didn't take many photos in 2009 (until Riley was born, but it was less than 1000), but I made sure to get photos for the banner each month.
I told them to poke their tongues out, just to have a bit of a theme with the photos. Creating these banners also taught me about photoshop - August doesn't have any writing because I couldn't get it to work, turns out I wasn't creating new layers, and the text box was getting lost in all the layers.

And then we got a new member in September. We can definately see how much he has grown, on an almost daily basis!
My idea to make a layout from them hasn't happened... mostly because I didn't understand that 650 pixels is only 2ish inches big!

Can you see how they've changed over the year? In 2010, as I create each blog header, I'm also creating an 8x3 canvas, so I can print them all out in December, and create a mini album from them. Maybe it will become a granma gift for Christmas?!


  1. Cloe really has transformed into a pre-teen. Scary.
    I love the concept of a banner a month. I can't wait to follow them this year.

  2. This is one of the best ideas for a blog banner I have ever seen :) I love it!

  3. I love the idea of printing them all at the end of the year to use in an album. It's a fun way to see how they've grown. Much too fast I might add!

  4. Love the way you are doing these....what a great idea.

  5. What a fabulous idea for a blog banner. My kids are at the age where they refuse to cooperate with photo taking, but it is wonderful to see how well your project is going (stopped by from Sian's blog).

  6. Just popped over from Sians blog...& I'm sooo glad that I did!

    What a simply wonderful idea! You have a beautiful clutch of 'little people' there & how fab that you have shared them with us!! I may have to steal the gist of your idea & create a new header for myself!! I'm coming up to my first anniversary in Blogland, so maybe that is how I can mark the occasion!! Just need to get my act together re the how to's!!!

    I will be back to check your ever changing header again...& again!!!! :)

  7. I've come via Sian's blog too and I'm pleased I did! What a great idea for a header. Looking forward to seeing how they all grow up when I pop back again!

  8. I've come via Sians blog too. I agree with everyone what a beautiful header and a great way to show your children growing lovely. I might do something similar but just to make seperate layouts for the childrens albums thanks for the idea xx

  9. Another come for a pek from Sians blog. What a brilliant idea. It's so scary how fast they grow. You should do a little flip book and REALLY scare yourself! eep!


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