Saturday 12 March 2011

how do you define | friendship

 is it the girls I've been meeting with once a month since June 2003 to discuss books and eat chocolate cake?

or the friend from high school who lives two states away, but doesn't bat an eyelash when she gets a message via facebook that says "can you email me a photo of you, please, because I've got to write this blog post"

Or the far away friends that I may never meet, but they bring a smile to my face when they share their stories.

I've been focusing on the negatives a lot lately, because that seemed like the easiest thing to focus on. But I've had enough of that, so I'm going to try and turn negatives into positives. This is my first positive from the oft-spoke lament "I have no friends"


  1. And the thing about positivity is that it ATTRACTS people :) I'm sure of it. Keep it up x

  2. Sometimes we are all guilty of homing in on the negatives, but the positives are always out there! For example the four little people in your blog header ;-) I've always fancied joining a book club but there's none around here that I know of. All that chocolate cake I'm missing out on!

  3. Always try to focus on the positives my beautiful on-line friend (who one day we might met in real life. xx)



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